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It’s crazy, but maybe I have been all along.

I never would have thought that it was possible, either, but there is no other way to explain my feelings.

Chapter 13


After dinner, Brian and I take a limo to his house. During the ride, we are mostly silent. I am trying not to act too impressed by everything, but it’s kind of difficult.

It’s not often that you get to date a gorgeous billionaire. It doesn’t take long to reach the house – or should I say mansion. Brian helps me out of the car and holds my hand as we walk up to the door.

As soon as we are inside, he says, “Let’s finish what we started.”

He kisses me, parting my lips with his tongue. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer to me. He lifts me and my legs wrap around his waist. He starts to carry me to his bedroom, as we continue kissing.

Once in the room, he sets me on my feet.

“Are you ready to lose your virginity?” he asks me.

I take a deep breath and nod immediately.

“Well, that was fast,” he teases me, with a laugh.

I lightly hit him on his ripped, inked chest. He catches my hand and gently pulls me to him. He leans down and kisses me again, and this time he nibbles and kisses down the side of my neck.

I pull the straps down on my dress, so he can keep going. He does, all the way past my breasts, pausing to tenderly lick and suck each nipple.

My heart pounds in excitement and anticipation. He pauses to pull my dress off completely.

Once I step out of it, I’m standing there in my panties and heels. He smiles at me appreciatively, then kisses the rest of my stomach, all the way to my pubic area. I tremble slightly. He looks at me with a smile, then kisses the outside of my panties before pulling them off.

“I like your heels,” he comments.

“Then I guess I’ll leave them on,” I reply with a wink.

He shakes his head no.

“I have something else in mind for tonight,” he answers.

“Oh?” I ask in surprise.

I’m naked before him. He stands up, so I kick off my heels. He leads me towards the bed, and I lay down. I watch as he pulls off his pants.

I have never seen him totally naked before, of course, so I’m shocked by his handsome, gorgeous body. He climbs in the bed with me, positioning himself between my legs. He kisses my lips softly, my tongue pushing into his mouth.

I hope he keeps going. I don’t think I can handle any teasing tonight. When I said I was ready to lose my virginity to him, I meant it.

As he kisses me, he pushes me gently back on the bed. I can feel him push apart my thighs with his knee. His erection pushes against me.

Adrenaline courses through my body. I am more than ready for this. I push my pelvis up against him. He stops kissing me long enough to smile at me.

“Are you sure?” he asks.

“Of course I am,” I reply.

He kisses me briefly, and I can feel him hesitate, before slowly pushing inside of me.

Oh my gosh; this is incredible. He fills me up. He thrusts deeper, but I want more. I pull him to me. He keeps thrusting, slow at first, going faster each time. I never thought it would feel as good as this.

“Oh, yes, Brian,” I gasp in his ear.

He grunts and goes faster. I don’t want him to stop. It feels so good. I tighten my legs around him.

“You love when I’m cramming my pussy so tight and full with my big cock, don’t you?” he asks me.

Loving the dirty talk, I claw my nails into him and say, “Yes, I do.”

He keeps going, until I can’t stand it anymore. I call out his name as I cum. I’m clinging tightly to him.

I’m dizzy and out of breath, but I feel incredible. I’m grinning like a fool. He notices that as he untangles himself from my arms.

“I take it that was enjoyable?” he teases.

He lays in the bed beside me. I turn over to look at him. I can’t stop myself from smiling, so I nod.

“Just so you know, next time I’m going to tie you up and introduce you to the rougher stuff,” he cautions.

“That’s fine with me,” I reply.

He reaches over and wraps his arms around me.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Your first time should be special,” he says.

“It was,” I reply.

What I don’t say is that it was gentle, romantic, and perfect. We lay there in silence for a while. I’d have to say that my auction and my date night went great.

My mind drifts to my business, as it always does. It will take a lot of work to be able to buy the expensive building I want to use as my bakery and cafe, but I know I can make it happen. I’m determined enough.

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