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Brian smiles at me and holds my hand for the duration of the car ride. When we get home, he opens the doors for me, and we walk inside.

I yawn, and after that meal I just ate, I feel ready to sleep. I don’t hear Brian as he walks up behind me. He wraps his arms around me and starts kissing my neck. His hands gently cup my breasts. My nipples harden under the fabric of my dress. Suddenly I feel wide awake.

I reach behind me and start stroking him. I can feel him erect.

“Let’s take this upstairs. There’s something I want to show you,” he whispers in my ear.

I’m in the mood for anything he has planned. He leads me up to the bedroom. I strip off my clothes and he gazes at my body hungrily.

He is naked, too. He lays me on the bed and kisses me. He stretches my arms above my head. I can feel him trying my wrists. I’m not scared, because I trust him completely.

I pull on the cuffs. They are snug, but not enough to hurt me.

“Are you comfortable?” he asks, teasing me.

I look up at him in anticipation.

“Yes,” I reply.

I’m so ready for him that I’m practically dripping already. He slides into me. He feels so good that my body shivers with delight. I twist and turn, but find that I actually enjoy the feeling of being tied up like this.

He plunges into me harder, going deeper. This is different from anything we’ve done since our first night together, but I’m still enjoying it. It sends a rush of excitement down my spine.

After he finishes fucking me, he turns me over on my stomach. I’m still tied up, but my ass is exposed. He gives my cheeks a light smack. I lurch forward. I’m shocked at how good that felt.

“Good girl,” he replies softly, as I moan when he does it again.

His finger slides into my dripping pussy.

“Now it’s my turn to make you cum,” he says.

He pushes his fingers in and out of me. I moan loudly with pleasure. I twist at my cuffs.

“Behave or I’ll spank you again,” he warns.

I stop pulling away, and ride his fingers.

“More!” I cry out. “Please. More, sir.”

I can feel his fingers going deeper and deeper into me. And he uses more of them, nearly his whole fist, inside my tight little pussy hole. I’m crying out. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m tied up, but what we are doing feels insanely hot.

I feel like my senses are heightened and I am enjoying the sex more. He continues to pleasure me with his fingers until I cum all over his hands. I’m sweaty, out of breath, but I have the biggest grin on my face. He looks pleased as well when he unties me.

“Sounds like somebody had fun,” he teases.

I have to blush at that.

“Yeah, I was pretty loud,” I admit.

I feel kind of embarrassed now. He hugs me to him and kisses me.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he says.

I kiss him back.

“We definitely have to do that again sometime,” I reply.

“Oh, trust me, we will,” he answers.

We spend a few minutes cuddling before I realize we need to get ready for work.

“I’ll take you into the bakery today,” he says.

“That would be perfect,” I reply happily.

I kiss him before going off to take a shower. Even though we just got engaged and we’ve only been together for a month – not to mention the fact that we first hooked up at an auction – I feel perfectly at home here with him.

When I come back out, he’s still lounging in bed. I’m dressed in his robe and my panties. I climb on top of him, straddling his waist. He grabs my ass and holds me in place. The only thing separating us is the sheets.

“Now this is a nice finish to our morning,” he says, grinning up at me.

I start grinding my hips on him slowly. He moans softly, and I can feel him growing hard underneath me.

“No, no, you have already had your turn,” I scold him playfully.

I keep sliding back and forth on him.

He holds me tighter to him and pretends to beg. It sounds hot when he does it.

“No, we have to get ready for work now,” I remind him, as I try to push his hands away.

“Aw, okay,” he whines, then lets me go.

I get off him and go to get dressed. I don’t hear him sneak up behind me. He pins me against the dresser, his erection pressing into my ass. I smirk at him and playfully stick it out. I wiggle it so it runs against him.

“You are going to pay for that later,” he murmurs in my ear.

“What are you going to do? Tie me up again?” I ask, teasing him.

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