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He slowly pushed his way inside me, stretching me and filling me. My pussy was still over-sensitive from him eating it, but I was also relaxed and soaking wet, which helped him slide in with ease. It felt strange and new, but incredible.

I clenched my pussy walls around his dick as he pushed it in deeper and deeper. He filled every inch of me with his hardness. I could feel my body shifting and molding to accommodate the pleasant intrusion of him pushing in and out of me. I gripped his back for dear life and held on. He thrust in and out of me while he caressed my face, staring deeply into my eyes. It was such a tender moment, everything I’d ever dreamed of for my first time, but nothing I’d expected from selling myself at an auction.

He fucked me gently and slowly like that for a while and I leaned back, enjoying every minute of it, but after a while, he started losing his composure again and started going faster and faster, and it awakened another climax that threatened to devour me whole.

“Oh, fuck, Elliot, I’m cumming again,” I told him, feeling the orgasm rising from my core.

I came long and hard, my pussy constricting around him like a vice as stars blurred out my vision and I spiraled in pure bliss. He lost it, then, too, and I felt a flood of heat in the barrier between us as he came, holding me close to him as the waves of orgasm coursed through his body. He held me like that, tenderly, while he waited for his heart to stop racing. I was still preoccupied trying to catch my own breath.

I couldn’t believe how good my first time was. And more than that, I couldn’t believe that someone so experienced as Elliot was would be so tender. But he’d treated me so gently, so sweetly…it couldn’t have been more perfect.

But in the aftermath, I was suddenly insecure. Was I supposed to stay and cuddle, or should I get the hell out now that he got what he paid for?

“Should I call Amelia to come get me?” I asked timidly after I finally had caught my breath. I started to get up up to get my phone from the floor next to the bed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him.

“No, stay,” he said, his eyes pleading with me.

The words, not to mention his expression, made me melt. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Not that I wanted to. So without a word, I crawled into his arms, where I remained for the rest of the night.

Chapter Ten


It had been two days since I had seen Candy and she was all that I could think about. I kept thinking about the night that we had spent together. But, more than anything, I just kept thinking about how much I enjoyed her company. I couldn’t wait until I could see her again.

Part of me had thought I’d be able to get her out of my system, but now that I’d had her, I just wanted more…

This was something that I wasn’t used to. I had always been the one-and-done type of guy. I would have my fill of a girl in a night and that would be all that I would look for. I would send her on her way and if I ever saw her again, it would be a huge surprise to both of us. I actually tried to make it a practice not to run into the girls that I spent the night with again.

But, here I was, borderline obsessing over Candy. I just could not get her out of my head.

My phone rang, startling me out of my thoughts.

It was my work buddy, Rich.

“Hey, there, stranger,” he said. “What have you been up to?”

I didn’t want to tell him that I had been stressing and obsessing over a girl, so I told him that I had been busy working on a work project. He tried asking about details, but I dismissed him.

“To what do I owe the honor of this phone call?” I asked, wanting him to get to the point. I knew he wasn’t calling just to check on me.

“Well, a bunch of us are getting together tonight to go to Winkies and I wanted to see if you wanted to join us,” he said. “We’re meeting up there right after work. And dude, bring you’re A-game because they are having strippers.”

I couldn’t remember a time in Winkie’s history when they had had strippers, so I knew that this was definitely going to be a sight to see. But at the same time, the idea held about as much appeal as eating I told him that I would meet them there. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I welcomed the change of scenery. Hopefully, it would help me keep my mind off of Candy.

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