She had run at the suggestion of seeing me again. I hadn’t really thought about it as a date, even though my ex clearly did. I had gone back so far in my thinking, in the attempt for a clean slate, I saw us more as being friends. Though even that seemed like a bit of a stretch. Despite my caveman-like response to her fainting, I really just wanted to try to reconnect with Lila again — whatever form that might take. I really couldn’t imagine my life without her. Even though that was precisely what I had been experiencing the past two years. That’s not to say I was happy. It took me that long to realize, but the last time I had been truly was happy was when we were together. Not having Lila around felt like something was missing.

I didn’t have her number, but I knew where she worked. I gave a moment’s thought to calling my dad to see if there was something I was missing, but I couldn’t do that. After I went into rehab, I lost contact with him too. No one from my past knew that I was still in Vegas. I wanted to keep it that way.

Plus, he owned a chain of casinos and would more than likely want to meet in his office at the Crown Jewel to talk things out. I wasn’t willing to take that kind of risk. I had already worked too hard and lost too much to overcome my gambling addiction.

It was a bit of a dick move, I knew, but I planned to pop in at the NGO the next day during lunch to see if Lila would eat with me. She seemed to soften slightly before running off, so it was possible. I knew she was mad at me and rightfully so. I wouldn’t forgive me either. At least not right away, though I still had to try.

Getting through the door after work, Lucky started jumping around me in unbridled doggy enthusiasm. It was nice to be missed that way. I couldn’t think of a human who would greet me with such joy. I saw the leash in his mouth and realized at least part of the reason for his excitement.

Getting on the leash, I got him down into the courtyard stat! He only did that when he really had to go. I kept thinking about Lila as Lucky scoured the area, looking for just the right spot. I couldn’t help thinking about how curvy she had gotten. Particularly the sweet curve of her chest. She had always been pretty well endowed in the boob department, but they had seemed even bigger recently.

Important things done, I got Lucky fed and watered and curled up into his doggie bed. At that point, I decided to call it a night, heading to bed with a glass of orange juice. Setting the glass down on the night table, I slowly took off my clothes and got onto the bed, the sheets cool and smooth under my skin. It didn’t take long to notice how hard I was. It didn’t hurt, but there was definite pressure. Suddenly my imagination took over my conscious thought, and I imagined Lila coming into my room. She was wearing only a robe and a smile.

With slow, deliberate, seductive movements, the beautiful blonde untied the belt on her robe, and soon, she was only wearing a smile. I did my best to imagine what she would look like — my reference point being two years old. If anything, my ex looked better.

As Lila came over and crawled up onto the bed with me. I imagined her wrapping her warm hand around my cock as well as mine. I soon let go, relinquishing control to her. After giving me a few gentle strokes, Lila gracefully lowered her head, taking my cock most of the way into her warm, wet mouth. Keeping her blue eyes on mine, she sucked me off like a champion. Lovingly coaxing the cum up into her mouth, swallowing it all down despite the sheer size of the load.

Giving my cock a few more long, loving licks, to get it nice and wet, Lila held me firm at the base as she climbed up on top of me, so she was straddling me. She lowered her sweet, juicy pussy down onto my thick, hard cock, easing it in inch by inch until I could almost feel her pussy lips pressing up against my balls. Shifting slightly so she was in a comfortable position, she started to slowly bounce on my cock. Easy and sensual at first, building up to a speed and intensity similar to a jackhammer.

I held off as long as I could, both in my head and in my bed, trying to wait until the Lila in my head was ready to cum before unleashing my massive load inside her. Also coming in real life. Spent but satisfied, I cleaned off with some with the wet wipes I still kept by the bed, curled up, and went to sleep. I only hopped my dream was a premonition of things to come.

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