“No,” I confessed.

“I would really like a second chance. I’ve had time to process things, and I’m ready to take responsibility. Or at least as much as you are willing to give me. I know it is more than I deserve. You raised him. You’re the boss.”

“Okay, you can see Billy, but only with me around, at least for now. I don’t think you’re going to kidnap him or anything. I think I know you better than that. I just don’t want to confuse him. Like you say, I’m all he’s had. I want to ease him into it.”


“Really?” I asked, not expecting Jinx to take it so well.

“Of course.”

We made a “family date” for that weekend. Planning to take Billy to the zoo. I got up and headed back to work, but he stopped me.

“I don’t like other men giving you gifts either.”

“Gabe hasn’t given me anything. Even if he did, it’s none of your damn business. We’re over.”

Jinx moved closer, and though I started to feel weak, I didn’t back down. I was determined not to let him get to me.

“Don’t feel anything for you anymore,” I lied.

Carl called my bluff, kissing me gently. It was like a magnetic force, and I started kissing him back, unable to resist him. Getting a hold of myself, I managed to pull away, mad at both of us. Him for being so damn sexy and me for giving in to what I chalked up to nostalgia and hormones.

“Keep your hands to yourself, or you’ll only be seeing Billy through far more official channels,” I ordered before making an epic exit.

As soon as I got back to work, I ducked into the bathroom without anyone seeing me. I was suddenly thrilled that the bathrooms were single occupancy. Locking the door, I yanked down my panties, and plunged three fingers into my wet, aching pussy. I was so horny, it hurt.

No matter how much I tried to deny it, I wanted Jinx as much as ever. I still hurt from what he had done but could understand why he had done it that way. I was almost the point of being able to forgive him. He had also put so much work into changing.

As I fingered myself, I imagined Jinx’s cock, huge and hard, ready for me to fuck. Getting on all fours in front of him, at least in my head, I imagined Carl getting on his knees behind me, stroking the warm head of his cock against my tender pussy lips, like he had the first time we were together.

Taking it slow, Carl got most of the way inside me, making me feel every inch, making me moan softly with each. Finally stopping, he took me firmly by the hips and started to gently fuck me, bringing me to a screaming, shaking, body rocking orgasm.

I bit my lip to keep from screaming in the bathroom. I dreaded to consider what Gabe might have thought. Finishing off, I pulled up my panties and smoothed down my skirt, washing my hands before going back to work.

Chapter Nine


If I were able to do a cartwheel, I would have. I could see through Lila’s anger and knew she didn’t mean it. I didn’t know what she was actually thinking — I wasn’t psychic — but I had a strong feeling she had no intention of bringing in the authorities. She was just blowing off steam, and we would be able to work it out between ourselves.

At first, I had been shocked that I was a father and didn’t really know how to react to it. The whole thing seemed way to epic to be happening to a bad luck magnet like me. After I’d had time to process the facts of the matter, I was pleased about it. It would take some time for Billy to get used to me, as I had missed out on the first couple of years of his life, though that was all down to me. On the upside, he was still young enough that it was possible to build a relationship and have him not really remember a time when I wasn’t around.

I usually slept in on Saturdays, but there was no way that I was going to risk being late again. I was already on pretty thin ice with Lila and didn’t see any reason to start jumping up and down.

Showering was the easy part. I even managed to keep from jerking off to prevent me from taking too much time. Just wash, rinse, and get the hell out. The hiccup came when it was time to choose my wardrobe. Jeans and Chuck Taylor’s were easy enough, but I realized that most of my T-shirts were either potentially scary for the little ones or had some four-letter words I really didn’t want him repeating.

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