We went back to the table to finish eating before the food got cold and all our work was for nothing. I thought I’d noticed Lila scoot her chair over closer to me but figured it must have been my imagination. My insane love for her playing silly games with my perception.

“Would you like some wine?” I asked.

“Are you having some?” Lila asked.


“Oh, I didn’t think —”

I smiled at her. “It’s been aging for a while. I’ve been saving it for a special occasion. It would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

“This is a special occasion, is it?” Lila teased.

“I would say so, yes,” I replied thoughtfully, “or if you prefer, we could say we are celebrating our sterling success with regards to the ad for the NGO if you’d like to keep things more impersonal.”

She smiled and raised one eyebrow. “It’s not done yet, though.”

“The text is. I know exactly what I’m going to do with it and will be giving the copy to Chris to hand off to the illustration guys by the end of the day tomorrow.”

“That’s really fast!”

“You know me,” I blurted.

Lila blushed bright enough for me to see it. I hadn’t expected it to come out quite that way. “Yeah, I do,” she whispered.

I was hard-pressed to think of anyone who knew me better than Lila. Even my dad was barely around, and I mostly took him as an example of what not to do. My mom had died a few years ago, Conrad quick to get a replacement — one of the dancers at one of his casinos. She was nice enough, but she wasn’t my mom. For starters, she was five years younger than me.

“I know you, too,” I said, going to get the wine.

“Oh really,” Lila said like it was a challenge.

“Sure,” I said, popping the bottle of ‘99.

“Like what?”

“You prefer trucks to blocks and Lego to tinker toys. You are always the first one everywhere because your brother convinced you that you would turn into a pumpkin if you were late. You also still check under the bed for the monsters he convinced you were down there.”

“Even when I’m sleeping on a futon,” Lila said with a slight shudder.

“You love grapes and are allergic to oranges and coconuts.

“What else, Mr. Holmes?” she teased.

“You do drink but not to excess, using it mostly as a way to calm yourself,” I explained, putting the glass down on the table, fighting the overwhelming urge to caress her hand.

“I also have a scar,” Lila prompted.

“On your inner thigh. You got it when you fell off a fence when you were fifteen. I remember. I carried you to the hospital. You were screaming bloody murder, and I was trying my best to calm you.”

“You said to think happy thoughts,” she said, trying not to laugh.

“It seemed like good advice at the time,” I protested.

“No, no, it was good. It just put me in mind of Peter Pan, which in itself was a happy thought, so I guess it worked out.”

“Yeah, I have a habit of that,” I said.

“And just look at us now,” Lila said, leaning in close.

I could smell her. She smelled the same she always had. Honey and raspberries. I wanted her so much it hurt. When she kissed me, my defenses dropped, and I kissed her hungrily. All the passion that had built up was coming out at once.

Chapter Thirteen


There were times I wondered if it was possible to have more than one brain or at least more than one mind. My common sense was screaming to stop. What we were doing was an epically bad idea. I still had a lot of hurt from when Jinx left me. Though, even stronger was my desire for him now that he was back. Particularly this new version of him I had never seen before. Combining aspects of his old self I instantly recognized as him, with a new maturity and balance, that was wonderful.

Before I really knew what was happening, I was on my knees in front of Carl as he sat on his chair, fumbling to undo his pants. He helped me out, his cock springing at me hard and ready. I had forgotten how big he was. Recovering quickly, I got one hand most of the way around his warm, hard shaft, gently cupping his balls and sucked him off like my life depended on it, desperate to get his thick, sweet cum in my mouth. He was quiet as I sucked, probably so he wouldn’t wake Billy. The soft smack on my mouth on Carl’s cock the only sound that could be heard.

Finally he came, unloading a torrent of cum into my mouth. Carl had told me he hadn’t had sex since he went into rehab, but I still didn’t quite expect that much cum. Still I got it all, swallowing it all down.

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