Then it came. The moment I had been quietly dreading since we started planning the wedding. The father-daughter dance. My father wasn’t around anymore, and he and Conrad had been really good friends for years. Besides which Conrad was my newly minted father-in-law, so it only stood to reason. Though, if I was honest, having a mother-in-law who was younger than me was a bit weird.

Conrad came over to the table with none of the arrogance I had come to expect from him.

“May I have this dance?” he asked, bowing deep.

I really didn’t want to but decided it would be good to make an effort for Carl and Billy’s sake.

“I’m really sorry about that whole mess. My ego can get away from me sometimes. I considered Billy my last link to Carl and was terrified to lose that.”

I knew I should have said something but was absolutely speechless. Conrad had truly struck me silent with his genuinely humble apology.

“Not that you let me get away with it, of course, mama bear. I really respect the way you protected your son like that, at such great cost to yourself. More than I ever did for Carl. I swear I’m no longer a threat to your family’s happiness.”

I felt a lot better about the whole situation, my lingering fear of Conrad being the last shadow on my life with Carl.

“You should have more children,” I suggested.

I couldn’t help but notice the slight hint of pain in his expression. He tried to hide it, but it was too late. I had seen it and already felt bad.

“Would if we could, my dear. Though Malina and I are discussing adoption. So Billy might still be an uncle, after all.”

“That would actually be really cool,” I said encouragingly.

No sooner had I sat down than the string quartet kicked into a slightly surreal, symphonic rendition of “Josie.” Taking Billy with us, we swirled and danced around the dance floor, Lucky bouncing around our legs, not to be left out of the fun.

We went a bit too hard, and I actually collapsed against Carl, laughing as he held me. Recovering my balance, if not my dignity, we kissed tenderly, and my world was all him in that moment.

“Are you happy?” he asked.

“Yes, more than I can say. Are you?”


“Pinky promise?” I asked, knowing full well where it might lead.

“Pinky promise,” he said, hooking my pinky and pulling him towards him again, kissing me passionately with lots of tongue.

We were both more than ready to start off our honeymoon. Leaving Billy with Irene and Aria and Lucky with Chris, we took a limo to the hotel. We already checked in and had our room key, just in case we ended up in just such a situation.

Somehow managing to get the key card into the slot while also carrying me, Carl whisked me over to the bed like a fairy tale prince laying me down gently.

“Turn over, sweetness.”

I obeyed him immediately flipping over onto my belly, realizing that the dress was held on with clasps on the back, which Carl had undone as quickly as running a scale on a piano. I could feel the cool air on my lower back, which made me sigh with relief. The Dress was beautiful but wasn’t the most comfortable thing I had ever even worn in my life. An issue quickly rectified by Carl’s skilled hands, leaving me in only my panties, stockings, garter, and shoes.

Starting with taking off my shoes, Carl gently ran his hands the length of both my stockinged legs, before unclipping the first of clips of the garter belt. He reached around under me, getting the ones at the front. Gently rolling down the stocking from my right leg, he moved over to the other before pulling down my garter belt as well. Taking my panties by the sides, he pulled those down too. Leaving me naked and entirely open for anything he might want to do. There was nothing I was thinking about in that moment aside from giving him pleasure.

Apparently, Carl had the same thought because rather than jumping on me and pounding away, like the bugle in the front of his tuxedo pants would indicate he wanted to, he planted a row of soft, wet kisses all the way up the length of my back to my neck. Which he then commenced to lick, suck, and gently nibble, instantly making me even wetter than I already was.

As my new husband worked miracles with his beautiful mouth, he stroked one of his hands back down over my back and up over my bare ass, gently cupping my tender, naked pussy. His touch made me gasp and moan even louder. Carl knew just how to touch me to get the strongest response.

Leaving his hand where it was, he took off his suit one-handed with surprising speed as well as ease. Then, naked as I was, my love climbed on top of me, easing his cock deep inside my desperate, aching pussy. I moaned long and loud, not having to worry about waking Billy. The noises only got louder as he picked up speed, pumping my pussy like he had done before, but it took on a whole new aspect knowing that we had made a firm commitment to each other. I was completely his, and Carl was completely mine. It gave me a wonderful sense of security that let me just relax and enjoy what was happening in my pussy and really be in the moment.

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