Turning me over onto my back, my husband turned me toward him, putting my legs up around his neck. Getting a bit adventurous, he started to devour my pussy in that position, both hands on my hips, giving extra support. I held on to his wrists for both support and in tenderness as he licked me to heaven.

When I had regained my senses, Carl moved my legs down to his arms, resting my knees on the crooks of his elbows and filled me once again with his hard cock, slipping it deep inside me. The pleasure shot through me like fireworks. I had never been so happy.

It wasn’t long until I cam hard, my pussy quivering and grabbing Carl’s cock. It was like my body was begging for his seed. I wanted him to put another baby in me. Our wonderful Billy deserved a little brother or sister.

My love moaned. He thrust in harder and came. His cum filled me up, warm and comforting. But it was also like something special happened between us. I knew our family was going to be getting bigger, and I was proud to carry Carl’s child again. He would be with me every step of the way this time. This time, nothing was going to pull us apart.


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