“This is more than a kiss, and you know it.” He dipped his head and swept the tip of his tongue along my open lips before pressing his mouth against mine.

I hadn’t realized how lonely and how starved of affection I’d been. For the first time in the longest time, I would lower my guards and let him in.



Her soft curves pressed against my body, and the biggest erection I’d ever had ground against her crotch.

There was no hiding how much I ached for her. How much I wanted her.

This wasn’t what I had planned when I’d asked her to spend the day with me, but I would take it. I had wanted some alone time with her to get to know her better, and now I was really getting to know her.

Our kiss became more demanding, more breathless.

Breaking away, I pressed my forehead against hers. “You want to take this inside?”

As if dazed and stunned, her lips parted then closed, and it was a few seconds before she spoke. “How about we take it to one of your many showers?”

“Are you sure this is what you want?” I nuzzled my lips along her throat and moved a hand to one of her breasts, circling a finger around her hard nipple.

She let out a low, husky laugh. “There’s one thing you should know about me, I never do anything I don’t want to. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” I pushed up, my body instantly missing her warmth. I held out my hand, and when she took it, I pulled her up.

“Nothing.” She giggled and dragged me across the sand towards the house.

We crossed the boardwalk hand in hand, and when she spotted the enormous outdoor shower with its multiple jets, buttons, and knobs, she walked toward it. “We can get clean, or dirty, right here.”

I slid the door open, and we both stepped in. “I knew the second I met you that you were my kind of woman.”

Since my house was secluded for miles, I had no reservations about fucking her outside.

I flicked the water on, and when the first cold streams hit us, she yelped then laughed. “You could’ve warned me it would be freezing.”

“Give it a second, and it’ll heat up.”

She stood in front of me, her now shivering body pressed against mine.

“Or we can make our own heat.” She picked up a bottle of coconut body wash, poured some into her palm and rubbed her hands together to work up a lather.

“First,” I said, “let’s get you out of those wet clothes.”

She laughed, the sound warm and sexy. “As cheesy as your pickup lines are, I kind of like them.”

She shimmied down her bikini bottoms, then reached around her back and unsnapped and untied her top.


“I have sand everywhere.” She massaged her soaped-up hands over her large breasts and perfect dusky pink nipples, then she ran them down to her waist and over her hips to the thin strip of hair on her mound.

My dick watered along with my mouth. “Willow, you’re something else.”

“You have sand everywhere too.” She reached behind me and picked up the bottle of body wash again and squirted a large dollop onto her hand. “You need some help washing it off?” She pressed her hands against my thundering heart.

“Be my guest.”

She massaged all around my chest, paying close attention to my biceps and shoulders. After swimming, my muscles ached and groaned under her touch. She trailed her soapy fingers down my stomach, and when she reached the waistband of my swim shorts, she looked at me and grinned. “I need to clean everywhere. Sand gets in the strangest of places.”

“It does, doesn’t it?”

She hunkered down and yanked my shorts down my legs and off.

“I think you need a very thorough cleaning.”

Who was this bold woman, and where had she come from? I liked how confident she was with me. And I more than liked how enthusiastic she was about sex and having fun.

She cupped my balls in her palm, and I swear to God, my eyes rolled to the back of my head. With her eyes locked on mine, she palmed then scraped her nails along the sensitive flesh.

Reaching down, I buried my hands in her hair, encouraging her to explore more.

“You want something?” she asked.

“I’ll let you decide.”

“I think you want me to clean your dick with my mouth.”

“Well,” I said then shrugged, “You did say everywhere needs a very thorough cleaning.”

She caught my dick in her small hand and held the base while she ran her lips back and forth over the flared head.

I inhaled sharply and tugged her hair.

She sucked me in deep while her hands continued to tease and rub my balls, pushing me further and further to the edge.

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