I would never let this woman escape.



What had happened to me? Had I woken up this morning and decided to give a man I barely knew a blow job in an outdoor shower?

Didn’t matter what had happened because I loved everything about this.

I loved how brave and bold I felt when I was with him.

I loved how he pulled my hair and dug his fingers into my scalp. I wasn’t one of those girls who liked rough sex or being controlled in bed, but there was something erotic and dirty about doing this with him.

When we were naked and horny, he could take control all he wanted, but right now, I was the one in control of his pleasure, and that, along with the feel of his heavy dick against my tongue, were heady aphrodisiacs.

I toyed with his balls, not minding the taste of soap every time I slid my mouth down his shaft.

The more I sucked, the harder he got. He tightened his fingers in my hair, and his hips jerked in time with my movements.

I didn’t want him to come, and yet I did. I picked up my speed and gripped his cock tighter.

“Not yet.” He tugged my head back and pulled from between my lips.

I smiled up at him. “I don’t think you’re clean yet.”

“I’m clean enough for now.” He let out a long, drawn-out whistle. “I’m not the only one who got sand everywhere. It’s my turn to clean you.” He pulled me to standing. “Lean against the wall and spread your legs. I need to see how dirty you are.”

I stood beneath the now hot stream of water, pressed my back against the tiled wall, and parted my legs. Evan got on his knees in front of me and peeled my folds open, revealing my swollen clit to him.

“Turned on?” he asked and swiped his thumb over the hard bud.

I groaned my reply. “You said you had to clean me.” My voice didn’t hide my impatience.

“I like a girl who isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants.”

He sucked my clit into his mouth, and that first sweet touch of his tongue almost sent me tumbling.

“Oh my God,” I whispered hoarsely.

He maneuvered me until my thighs hung over his shoulders. He held onto my ass, his fingers digging into my skin. No word of a lie, I had never been this turned on in my whole life.

My body strained, searching for release, searching for the climax I so desperately craved. Now it was my turn to bury my fingers in his hair. I didn’t care that my nails dug into his scalp. He didn’t seem to care either.

He swirled his tongue this way and that, up and down, and around and around. With every groan that fell from my lips, he sucked harder and harder, his teeth rasping over my swollen bud.

My hips gyrated against him. I was seconds away from screaming his name.

He lowered me to the ground, and if he hadn’t been holding on to me, I would have melted into a boneless pile.

“Why did you stop?” I asked, sounding desperate.

“Because I want to feel you come on my dick. We should go inside. I don’t have a condom out here.”

Not wanting to go anywhere, I said, “How about I come on your fingers now. I can come on your dick later. And after that, I can come again and again and again.”

“Were you sent from heaven? A woman who talks dirty and loves sex.”

“You do this to me,” I admitted. “Only you.”

He pressed his lips against mine, and I tasted my arousal. The tangy sweetness was as erotic as it was wicked.

He slid his fingers between my legs and eased two inside while the pad of his thumb worked my clit. I rode his fingers. My desire coiled so tightly I was afraid I would explode into a million pieces then a million more.

I held onto him as if my life depended on it.

In a flash of blinding sensation, my body released, and I spasmed around his fingers. I bit out curses. I cried out his name. I moaned, and my head thrashed from side to side.

When he’d taken all I could give, I sagged against him breathless but deliriously happy and lightheaded. “If anyone had asked me what my plans were today, I would have sworn none of them included having sex in an outside shower with you.”

His laugh was deep and rich, and the sound curled my toes. “Right there with you.”

He took my hand and wrapped my fingers around his pulsing cock. “We’re still not finished.”

“I guess we’re not.” I got down on my knees again, warm jets of water pounding against my back, and swirled my tongue over the drop of pre-come seeping from his cock.

He coiled my wet hair through his fingers and guided me down, and I greedily sucked him in. Needing him to experience the mind-blowing sensations I’d experienced, I drew him deep, my hand and mouth working in tandem.

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