Willow pushed white-rimmed sunglasses on top of her blue hair and turned around in circles, her red, linen cover-up dancing across her thighs. “When you said we were going to the beach for the day, I thought you meant we would go to the actual beach as in the public beach and there would be other people around. You didn’t say anything about taking me to a mini mansion with its own private stretch of sand. That’s not playing fair. And you tried to make me think you weren’t a flashy kind of guy.”

Her wide-eyed appreciation excited me. Money and hard work bought nice things, and I liked surrounding myself with those nice things. Plus, I’d wanted to impress her by bringing her here. So, sue me.

“I’m not Las Vegas flashy like you think I am, but I like buying houses around the world.”

She stopped turning in circles. “Everyone needs a hobby, I guess. Is your family arriving later? I know you all like spending time together.”

“I’ll see them tomorrow. Cade is hosting his annual Labor Day barbecue. It’s just you and me today. I spend enough time with them, and we always have a family dinner with our mom and sister once a week.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a closer family than yours.”

“We have our moments. There’s been a few broken noses and busted lips over the years. As we grew older, we learned how to stop settling disagreements with our fists. Mainly because the medical bills were getting out of hand.”

A memory jumped into my thoughts, and I chuckled. “This one time, Cade and Noah got into it so bad, Cade needed a tooth removed and a root canal. Noah ended up with bruised-knuckles and a broken nose.”

A flicker of fear flashed through her eyes. “Don’t worry. We only get mad at one another. The last time we got into a physical fight, we were teenagers.” I opened the sliding doors to the pool-side patio. “Let’s sit on the deck. I’ll grab us a beer.”

“You mean you don’t have an army of servants to wait on you hand and foot?”

“I gave them the weekend off.”

We went outside, and a warm, briny breeze tugged at our hair. She dropped her beach tote to the ground and placed her hands on her hips.

“How can you bear to leave here? It’s unbelievable.”

I followed her line of sight and imagined seeing the golden sand and sweeping ocean through her eyes. The breathtaking view was one of the reasons I’d bought the land.

“It’s hard going back to the real world after spending some time here,” I admitted. “Wait until you see the sunset. And when there’s a storm at sea, the air crackles. I don’t get here nearly as much as I’d like to. It’s the one place I can unwind.”

“You’re always on the go. I can’t imagine you ever unwinding,” she said and flopped down onto one of the Adirondack chairs surrounding the pool. She then tapped her fingers against her lips and smiled. “But perhaps there’s more to you than I thought.”

I wiggled my eyebrows. “Perhaps I’ll let you find out how much more.”

“You can stop flirting. I’m here. I said yes to the ball.”

“I’m wounded.” I feigned shock and slapped a hand against my chest. “I wasn’t flirting.”

She laughed, but it was one of those forced laughs that screamed of disbelief. “You don’t know how to talk without flirting. It’s in your nature. You could flirt a nun into bed. I bet you have notches on hundreds of bedposts.”

“You’d be surprised.” And by that, I meant she’d be surprised to discover I didn’t. I wasn’t a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. Sure, I’d dated and had my share of one-night stands, but I’d never been involved in anything serious, and not once had I ever told someone I loved them.

She saw me as a player, which I wasn’t, but I’d always been a flirt. I wouldn’t deny that. My mom loved telling stories about how I could charm my teachers out of giving me homework and giving me extra credit instead.

Willow stood and pulled off her cover-up. Jesus. I was lucky I didn’t go into cardiac arrest. A red and white polka-dot, halter neck bikini clung to her tits, ass, and hips. The colors contrasted beautifully with her milky skin. She was a walking wet dream.

My dick shot to attention. To hide my hard on, I sat down on one of the chairs and draped a pillow over my lap, hoping she wouldn’t notice I had no control over my body when she was around.

She cupped a hand above her eyes and squinted towards the ocean. “Want to go for a swim? It shouldn’t feel too cold since summer shows no sign of ending.”

No, I want to fuck you senseless.

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